Category B Nominations... and other stories

Hey guys,

it's Geisha here! it's so much fun to be typing a blog post again. i want to drink in the moment and revel in the words... but it is not to be. i'm here to work!

I am so glad you guys are so excited about the awards - we are too! however people, ONLY 60 PEOPLE HAVE NOMINATED SO FAR. what's happening? Sixty people is not even half of the blogs on Afrobabe's blog list! come on!!

Clearly you were more excited about the category B awards, but you gotta show the 'A's some love too!

So we've ajdusted the 'rules' a little bit to reflect the info we've gathered:
* The category B nominations are going up right now, and they are going to run simultaneously with the category A ones. so you can have fun, but please don't neglect the more serious awards!

* We said the A nominations would end on the 5th of March, but we're taking away that deadline. feel free to nominate for as long as you like - and when we're going to end it we'll give you a few days notice.

* Bloggers, please try to limit your nominations to one per blogger... however, you can solicit votes from your friends and family! just point them to the webpage and let them do their thing! everybody can be a part of this, so vera, feel free to rally up your fans!

Go, Vote, and have FUN!!!!!!!


Male Bloggers

Hey guys (i mean that literally),
It seems like males bloggers are a scarce commodity on Blogsville, hence the current fight over Fine Boy Agbero :-) It's indisputable that majority of the blogs on Blogsville are by naija females. However, we don't want this bloggers award to be Naija (chicks) Bloggers Award like Afronuts said, so we would like to do something special for the guys.

The theme of this year's awards is Who You Be? In that vain, we want to know who our male bloggers are. Come and represent yourselves. Nominate yourselves in the comment section. Ladies, if you are nominating guys, let them know they've been nominated so they can come down and represent themselves.

We will then compile a list of the nominees, and have a mini awards within the awards for the Best Male blogger in Blogsville. Now the final two nominees with the highest votes will have to submit an entry telling us why they deserve to be the Best male blogger in Blosville aka Oga patapata of Blogsville. Based on their entries, we will then decide who the award should go to.

Alright guys show yourselves.

Bottom line: Only guys who actually come here and leave a comment will be eligible to compete for the Best Male Blogger Award. So far only 3 guys have actually left a comment on this post. This is because the point of doing something special for them is so we can get to know who they are. So if you nominate a male blogger, please stop by their blog and let them know they have been nominated. However, all the male bloggers mentioned regardless of whether they show up or not will get an honorable mention, in form of a link list dedicated to them.


A buncha bloggers...

Like I said, men will be men. I mean see me, a true Nigerian Drama Queen, call me Just Toluwa sitting on my own minding my own business when this black James bond walks up to me with interesting lyrics. Calling me Afrobabe, Aphrodite, Chili Pepa, like that was meant to forgive him his crime. I showed him my ring and dashed him my left shoulder. I totally expected he’d get the message but he just stood there smiling, calling me Vixen and telling me how he’d like to get me a better, more expensive ring, even doubting the authenticity of the ring itself.

Ahhh as a true city girl, I let him have it explaining to him that my hubby, Baroque, was on his way, but he went on saying he did not care and he always got what he wanted and wouldn’t mind brushing up someone if it came to that. Did not believe what he said and asked him if I was worth all that? I mean he just met me, we were at Buttercup and Chari’s 2nd wedding anniversary, and I felt he was jumping the gun.

But every woman has two sides to her, the classy and not so classy. Thing is, confidence and maybe a little arrogance attracts me, so you can imagine how the badderchic in me wanted to jump this man. Hmm, this situation would have to go into my secret diary, because this was an experience I did not want to forget.
I think he could tell that a part of me wanted him, because my naughty eyes were telling on me real bad. Then walks in Baroque with his buddy, Fine Boy Agbero; another guy I would have snatched up if I had not met Baroque first. Gosh, why so many of these fine men around. So my thought and moi went into conversation.

If Vera had not snapped me out of my rethots, I would have been drooling without realizing it. By now I knew I was in trouble, cos this guy didn’t just have audacity, he had lyrics. It is at times like this that I thank God for the technology. I just whipped out my blackberry, buzzed my girl Funms and asked for moral support and advice. If there was anyone who had good advice about men issues, it was her. I would have called on Tigeress but she had been MIA for some time. After updating Funms on things so far, I begged her for line of defense. She advised I just change table that this would hint Naija007 that i definitely was not interested, but for the love of me, i ignored her advice because i was interested. I did move my seat a little bit, but he slyly moved closer almost nibbling on my ears. I quickly logged on to confessions of a London gal to see what she would have done in this situation.

Naija007 wouldn’t give up. He was so strong headed, and he had Nolimit in showing to the crowd what he supposedly felt and I wondered why. I said I was not interested; at least that was what my lips said.

Finally he smiled at me, took my hand and removed the ring. It was like he knew my very soul. The ring was not mine, it belonged to Bumight who I was meant to meet there. Bumight was an undercover sister who could not wear her ring when she was working. She was a Medical Investigator and I happened to be around her when she got a call. I was just trying it on to keep it safe.

There was no man in my life, my last relationship had been a while back and had ended pretty badly. I only imagine Baroque and FBA in my life. They were not truly mine. Temite and Bumight beat me to it. Naija007 had said every word I had every wanted to hear. His every action was like he had read my soul. He turned his blackberry on so I could see, he was reading my blog!!!!

I smiled. It stung. It was the smile of a scorpio.

Guys dont forget to nominate your favorite blogger. Again, we would eventually pick just five from the most nominated blogs and voting will commence. Always check back for more updates.

I could not use a lot of blog names in this story, so i apologise. The story might not make sense, but this was for fun...



Category A Nominations

Hello people,

I'm glad you guys are all excited about the awards. Hopefully, we'll all have fun and get to meet other bloggers through this forum. The Blogsville Citizens list is still being updated, so watch out to see if you've been granted citizenship :-)

I'm know you guys are pumped to get started, so nominations for the Category A awards open today. Click on the link in the far right corner and get to nominating!!!!!!

Don't forget to spread the news. Let other bloggers know what's going on in blogsville. We want as many people as possible to get involved. It's all about having fun. We might be able to get all those disappearing bloggers to re-appear.

The most active blogger during this awards ceremony gets a special mention. How about that!

Since this is the nomination round, you can nominate as many people as you like in each category. However when it's time to vote you can only vote for one person. Keep in mind that we are going to choose the top 5 nominees for each category. When u fill out the nomination survey, if the person you are nominating is not on the blogsville citizens list, please be nice enough to include the url. If you don't know the url, the name of the blogger will suffice.

Nominations are going to be for a week, so you have from today, February the 24th until Wednesday March 5th to nominate bloggers for Category A. After that we will announce the nominees for each category and voting for category A will begin.

In case you are wondering why the awards is divided into two parts, we have a lot of bloggers who are doing positive things in blogsville and they need to be recognized (seriously), this is where Category A comes in. That is not to say Category B is not to be taken seriously, but as you can see it's obviously so we can have fun.

I would like to give newbie bloggers (6 months and under) a chance to be seen and heard. So if you qualify as a newbie and you are interested in putting up a post to introduce your blog, telling us why you started blogging and what you like or don't like about blogsville so far, please leave a comment with ur email address.



Welcome to the official blog page of the Naija Bloggers Award. This blog will serve as the official site where nominating, voting, interacting, and everything else will go down. The 2009 Naija Bloggers Award is Sting's baby, but she most definitely couldn't have done it without the help of Toluwa, Naijagirl, and the now retired Geisha.

We have come up with a whole bunch of award categories. However, we would like everyone to participate in this process and have as much fun as possible. We divided the award categories into two. Category A consists of the typical award categories, while Category B is not so typical.

Category A

  1. Bloggers Choice Award - Naija Blogger of the Year
  2. Best Personal Blog
  3. Most inspiring Blogger
  4. Best Student Blog
  5. Best Religious Blog
  6. Best Political Blog
  7. Best literary Blog - Stories, Poetry etc
  8. Best Everyday Read
  9. Most creative Blogger
  10. Best Intellectual Blog
  11. Most dedicated Blogger - Frequent updates
  12. Best Theme Blog - Religious, politcal, fashion, family etc
  13. Best Fashion Blog
  14. Best Entertainment Blog
  15. Best use of visuals in a blog - Look and feel of the blog makes you feel at home
  16. Best use of Media - Videos, music, graphics
  17. Most likable Blogger

Category B
  1. I laugh in Japanese - Funniest Blogger
  2. Celebutant - Most likely to become a celebrity off blogging
  3. Drama King/Queen - (Over)dramatic blogger.
  4. Hot and Sexy! - Blogger you think is hot in real life
  5. Fire in my pants - Blogger you'd hook up with based solely on the content of their blog
  6. Grandma/Grandpa Blogger - Seasoned blogging veteran who still updates frequently
  7. Paparazzi Blogger - Always on blogsville
  8. FIRST!! - Always first on every blog
  9. Meme Addict of Blogsville - Always doing Memes
  10. Most Scandalous/Controversial Blogger
  11. Blogger i would most like to meet
  12. Most Stalked Blog - People keep going back for updates, comments
  13. From the Outside looking in - Non-nigerian members of Blogsville aka Honorary naija
  14. Blogsville Celebrity/ Popular jingo - Most popular blogger
  15. Blogsville magician/Disappearing act Award - Blogger disappears for long periods without any explanation
  16. Most Nigeriacentric Blog/Blogger- Blog(ger) reps naija to the fullest
  17. (n)Oprah Award - Most likely to become a talk show host
  18. Quiet Storm - Most likely to quietly take over the world
  19. Say What?! - Most confusing Blogger
  20. Epistle Blogger - Blogger loves writing long post
  21. Most creative moniker (blog title or blog name)
  22. Blogsville Tatafo - Best Gossip blog
  23. So fresh and So clean - Best newbie blog(ger) (6 months and under)
  24. Blogsville Butterfly- Friendliest Blogger
Are there any categories you guys would love to have in the awards that are not up here? Let us know. Leave ideas and suggestion in the comments section.

Please, lets make this fun for everyone. Participate!!!!

P.S. The blogsville citizen list is still being updated. If you are not on the list, be sure to leave a comment and you will be added.


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